Eugénie Cliche


Eugénie Cliche is an artist who divides her time between her home in Pierreville, Quebec, and her pied-à-terre in Montreal and Quebec City. Over the past few years, she has been busy creating, on her own, a no-holds-barred videographic world in which the fields of performance art, photography, and video production come together as one. Cliche is also a co-founder and active member of Les Fermières Obsédées. Through the use of action art, Les F.O. have managed to sustain a progressive, ongoing project. Cliche’s video works combine playfulness, mockery, irony, and pathos with a touch of violence. Through her work, she questions the impact of the candid images all too often portrayed by the popular media in today’s society. Her works contain cinematographic references, as well as allusions to mass culture and the collective memory. Her exuberant productions can sometimes resemble anything from commercials or video clips to video games or children’s television programmes laced with double entendre. At other times, they may take the shape of dramatic pastiches or parodic nods to reality TV. The artist’s work has been exhibited in various festivals and other entertainment venues in Quebec and the rest of Canada, as well as abroad, in countries such as France, Morocco, Croatia, Japan, Poland, Wales, Australia, and Ireland.

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